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One of Din Minimi Armed Group Members Killed During Clashes With Police

acehbaru.com | North Aceh -- Ridwan, one of Din Minimi armed group members reported dead in an operation in Geureudong Pase sub-district, North Aceh regency, Thursday, Augustus 20, 2015.

Lhokseumawe Police Chief AKBP Anang Triarsono S.Ik said the presence of the armed group in the sub-district after reported by the resident. "After the raid, it was true."

Aceh Provincial Police team which consists of 4 people led by Commissioner Harli Tangjaya approximately 17:00 am, raided on Ridwan’s home which is known as a member of Din Minimi. When the raid, Ridwan with four of his friends were in the house.

"One person was shot and three others escaped. We confiscated one AK-47, two magazines and two packs of cigarettes, " Anang added.

The body was evacuated to the Cut Meutia hospital in Lhokseumawe to post-mortem.(ami)

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