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Homemade Bomb Found in Lhokseumawe

acehbaru.com | Lhokseumawe – Idris (45) a fish farmer found the homemade bomb in his pond area in Muara satu sub-district, Lhokseumawe, Tuesday, August 25, 2015 about 03.00 pm.

The bomb estimated the diameter is 4 centimeters, 40 centimeters long and weighing about 15 kilograms wrapped with duct tape complete with cable crowd.

"When I was cleaning the garbage in the pond. I saw what looked like a pipe and contained wires. Turns out it was a bomb, " Idris said.

Idris reported to a friend, Munawar, to be known compatriot. Then local residents reported it to the police.

Shortly thereafter, the Lhokseumawe Police Department and bomb squad headed to the scene and secured the homemade bomb. (ami)

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