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Syafii Maarif : Budi Waseso Insulted Us

acehbaru.com | Jakarta - Pemuda Muhammadiyah Central Executive rised to defend Ahmad "Buya" Syafii Maarif, who was cornered by Head of Criminal Investigation Police Commissioner General Budi Waseso in relation to the criminalization of a number of prominent anti-corruption activists. Muhammadiyah, in line with Buya, urged President Joko Widodo to remove Budi Waseso.

"During his time as Head of Criminal Investigations, Budi Waseso has criminalized anti-corruption activists and law enforcement officers standing up against corruption," said Chairman of the Pemuda Muhammadiyah Central Executive Anzar Simanjuntak in a written statement, Wednesday, July 15, 2015.

Dahnil said the call was heightened when Budi regarded Buya’s criticism as an act of meddling with law enforcement.

Previously, Buya Maarif requested Jokowi through National Police Chief General Badrodin Haiti to remove members of the police who easily name people as suspects. Police in question was Budi Waseso. Buya’s criticism was related to the determination of the suspect Judicial Commission Chairman Suparman Marzuki and Commissioner Taufiqurrahman Sahuri, by the police for alleged defamation of judge Sarpin Rizaldi.

Budi accused Buya for not understanding the law for asking the President to remove law enforcement officers. “He shouldn’t comment if he do not understand law enforcement," said Budi Waseso in his office, Tuesday, July 14, 2015. "He's not a fool, certainly he understands what is right, what is wrong."

According Dahnil, Budi reaction to Syafii was an insult to Muhammadiyah. Budi was considered not appreciate the suggestion of the former Muhammadiyah Central Executive Chairman. "He does not need to unethically react to Buya Syafii," said Dahnil.

"The insult has hurt Muhammadiyah members and other community groups. Therefore, we urge the President and the Chief of Police to remove The Head of Criminal Investigation,” said Dahnil (en.tempo.co)

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