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Din Minimi is The Main Target, Says Police Chief

acehbaru.com | East Aceh - East Aceh Police Chief AKBP Muhajir SIK said Nurdin better known as Din Minimi is one of actors ambushes and deprivation the car key of PT CPM, installation of gas pipeline in East Aceh.

"The group became the main target of East Aceh Police, in this case armed group disturbing residents will not be tolerated by the police,” He told a press conference on Saturday, October 11, 2014.

According to Muhajir, the group is terrorists on foreign investors and entrepreneurs who are in East Aceh and being pursued by police.

In a photo taken by Harianaceh.co, Din Minimi was holding a rifle with a striped singlet dress. On the left chest of the singlet, pictorial buraq and the Lion which is a symbol of the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) and two bodyguards. The photo were taken at a location of their hideout in East Aceh.

In a statement Din Minimi said, he will fight Aceh government  Zaini-Muzakkir in any way, because they are unjust and never considered the mandate of the Helsinki agreement.

According to Din Minimi, the resistance was made because the Zaini-Muzakkir inconsiderate of former the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) combatants, as well as the poor. Zaini -Muzakkir also considered did not pay attention to the continuity of education for orphans of conflict victims. “Many former of GAM combatants, widows and orphans of a the Aceh conflict relic which live very worrying,” he said. | AMI |

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